Puzzlebox Orbit is an educational toy that combines a brain-controlled helicopter with open hardware, software, and teaching material

Puzzlebox Orbit features a unique spherical design that protects helicopter blades from unintended impact with objects such as walls and ceilings, while lending a pleasantly technical aesthetic. Despite remote control helicopters in general having earned a reputation for being fragile we have been extremely pleased with the build quality and resilience of our samples. They have survived several falls and collisions over the course of development and testing without noticeable damage.



NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Quadcopter Art – Suspicion of Terrorism?

Quadcopter drone group held in London airport on suspicion of terrorism:

Fresh from performing at Science Gallery in Dublin last night during the opening of Hack the City, an English group of urbanists, technologists and architects who created GPS-enabled quadcopter drones, were held at London Southend Airport on suspicion of terrorism and recorded under the UK’s Terrorism Act.


Apps para coreografar o AR.Drone

Como se vê bem no vídeo – em todas as partes – os percursos do AR.Drone no espaço tem muito a ver com coreografia… As seguintes apps de control do drone deixam programar percursos:



Ao programar o drone podemos criar uma coreografia/improvisação estruturada para filmar ainda em Março, em preparação da candidatura FCT.